Magic Tattoo, Healing


This Magic-infused tattoo gives the user healing powers.

Use: By spending ki as a Standard action, the tattoo heals the user.

Healing tattoos can be inscribed with the following healing spells:

Cure Light Wounds, 1d8+5 HP, 1 ki

Cure Moderate Wounds, 2d8+10 HP, 1 ki

Cure Serious Wounds, 3d8+15 HP, 2 ki

Cure Critical Wounds, 4d8+20, 2 ki

Breath of Life, 5d8+25 HP, 3 ki

Heal, 150 HP, 3 ki

Regenerate, 4d8+35 HP & Regenerate (as the Spell), 4 ki


Magic Tattoo, Healing

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