Dragon School

Students of Dragon School are among the most flamboyant and out-going martial artists.

Dragons emulate their supernatural namesakes: Dragon School monks tend to hoard riches, rarely share gained wealth, loot, and prizes. Dragons are known also consummate glory hounds and known infamously for their pride; leading them to make brazen attempts to out-shine other martial artists, and will rarely back down from a challenge or insult.


Dragon School monks gain +1 to Grapple, Trip, and Disarm Combat Maneuvers.

Dragons get a +1 Bonus to Intimidate tests due to their arrogance.


Must make WILL save DC 15 + Level to resist an aggressive or violent response to any insult, any challenge. The same Save applies to turning down an opportunity to out-perform another Martial Artist, Dragons will often go out of their way to finish off wounded foes, often at their own or others’ detriment.

Dragons are boastful and take a -1 Penalty to Bluff and Diplomacy tests due to their arrogance.

Dragons are stingy, rarely contributing financially to group goals and often insist that they do not have to share any wealth or monetary gains.

Example: Gravin Flametongue is a Dragon School adept who often boasts at being the best in his group. Instead of dividing party loot evenly, he insists on keeping the entirety of gains from “his kills.”
In combat, when fighting alongside his allies he is known for leaping across his friends’ line of attack to finish off a wounded enemy and claim the glory for himself.

Attitudes towards other Schools:

All other schools are not worthy of the glory and honor that only Dragons can attain.

Dragon School

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