Great Cat School

Great Cat emulates the characteristics of great cats known to man: Lion, Tiger, Panther, Leopard.

Advantages: Students of Great Cat School are independent and capricious, yet some more brazen than others.

All Great Cats gain a +1 Bonus to Reflex Saves and +1 to Climb, Stealth, & Acrobatics.

Choose One:
Great Cats that favor Lions/Tigers also gain the Bravery class feature of a Fighter equal to their level.

Those that favor the more subtle felines, Panther and Leopard, gain the Uncanny Dodge ability equal to an Assassin of their level.


Due to their independent natures, Great Cats must make a WILL save DC 10 + Level to initially accept the Leadership of another party member. Often they will “do their own thing” anyway, and must make a DC 5 + Character Level WILL save to obey a Leader’s command. The Save increases by 5 to follow any other character’s advice or plans. Failed saves may result in the character completely abandoning plans or disobeying orders, however, more often than not the character will simply choose to follow their own interpretation of such suggestions.

Attitudes towards other Schools:

Great Cats do not concern themselves with petty arguments between schools—you are a Cat, or you are not. They have a neutral disposition to all schools.

Great Cat School

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