Roaring Bear School

Roaring Bear School teaches its students that if you hit hard enough, you will win every right. They tend to recruit the biggest and strongest martial artists around, and care not for racial enmities.

Bears gain a +1 to the following Combat Maneuvers: Bull Rush, Drag, & Overrun. Against the subject of their Target Fixation (see Drawback below) they gain an additional +1 to the same maneuvers, and an additional +1 to Saves versus their Target Fixation opponent.


Roaring Bears tend to wade into combat against the opponent they deem to be the biggest, strongest, toughest, often at their own detriment. While they have no problem with team combat, they prefer to handle such challenges single-handedly, and will often lose focus on the battle surrounding them in order to bring down their favored target. This condition is called Target Fixation. When focused on a single enemy, Bears also tend to discourage Allies from helping.

Must make WILL save DC 15 + Level to resist becoming Target Fixated on a single foe, and to resist preventing Allies from assisting in eliminating the target of their fixation (Subdual and Combat Maneuvers only, unless Ally is a Dragon).

Attitudes towards other Schools:

Dragon—Bears’ natural urges to fight the toughest opponent available tends to clash with the Dragons’ natural urge to seek glory in every act. They often have bloody disputes on this matter.

Great Cat—Bears tend to have little respect for the sneakier Great Cats, but begrudgingly appreciate the audacity of bolder Great Cats.

Eagle—Bears generally have no gripe with Eagles, as long as they are brave and fierce.

Serpent—Bears have next to no respect for the sneaky and ambitious Serpents.

Wolfpack—Bears think that the way Wolves tend to gang up on larger foes is cowardly, and spare no opportunity to say so.

Roaring Bear School

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