Serpent School

Monks of Serpent School are taught that a single, sudden strike is often deadlier than an all-out frontal assault. Masters of stealth and subterfuge, Snakes are often employed as spies and assassins; services which they sell willingly and carry out with determination and efficiency.

Advantages: Serpent school monks gain the Poison Use ability. Once per day a Serpent School monk may make a Death Attack against a single opponent, as per the Assassin ability of the same name. The Save DC is Wisdom-based.

Disadvantages: Snakes have no compunctions towards using any means necessary to accomplish their goals. They would step on the back of their best friend, wearing hob-nailed boots, to do it. Snakes must make a WILL Save DC 15 + Level to set aside their own goals, or resist exploiting and manipulating anyone to accomplish their goals.

Attitudes towards other Schools:

Dragon—Serpents have a certain respect for the capabilities of the Dragon, and their foolish boasting is often a good disguise for the poisoned blade.

Eagle—Serpents have a natural disposition of pure hatred for the infuriatingly self-righteous Eagle school.

Great Cat—Serpents feel a kinship with the sneakier Great Cats, but view the more fierce Great Cats as little better than Bears.

Roaring Bear—While Serpents can appreciate the tactical doctrine of the Roaring Bear school, they do not condone losing ones’self to battle lust.

Wolfpack—Serpents have little respect for the Wolfpack’s emphasis on teamwork.

Serpent School

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