Wolfpack School

Wolfpack School is the most reclusive of the Great Schools, although their fighters are some of the most fiercely loyal.

Wolves teach an emphasis on teamwork. They grant an extra +1 (training bonus) when using the Aid Another action.

Wolfpack School monks are rarely swayed when they have committed to a goal, leader, or course of action and must make a WILL Save DC 15 + Level to stray from commands given by superiors.

Attitudes towards other Schools:

Dragon—Wolves disdain the boastful nature of the Dragon.

Eagle—Wolves are neutral towards the Eagle School.

Great Cat—Wolves are natural enemies of the Great Cat School—they will only work with mystic warriors from this school under special conditions.

Serpent—Wolves have no love for Serpent school mystic warriors.

Roaring Bear—While the Bears generally dislike Wolves, the Wolfpack itself has no negative regard for the Roaring Bear School.

Wolfpack School

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